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What It Is

A classic prank toy gets a modern-day update with Poo-Dough. This is modeling clay that you shape to look like poo. It comes with three containers of modeling clay. One is dark brown, one is light brown, and one is yellow. Take the clay and place it in the poo-shaped mold to create your poo shapes. Then place your "poo" around the house and gross out your parents, siblings, or whoever. To make it even grosser, use the yellow clay to make kernels of corn or peanuts using the included molds.

Is It Fun?

Poo-Dough offers silly fun for children or adults who sometimes act like children. This is a funny and gross prank toy. And it really does look like the real thing!

Who It’s For

Poo-Dough is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Do not eat the modeling clay.

When you're done playing, keep the clay in the airtight containers or it will dry out.