Cars Stunt Racers The King

from Mattel

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Product Information

  • Cars Stunt Racers The King from Mattel
  • Part of the Disney Cars brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 4 and up

What It Is

Cars fans can create all sorts of racing action and stunts with their favorite Cars characters with the Cars Stunt Racers collection. This assortment of vehicles includes movie characters, such as The King, part of the Dinoco racing team. Rev up the car to watch The King do a tailspin or a nose spin, a side wheelie, a backward spin, or just race forward.

Is It Fun?

Kids will like the action and excitement of racing and performing stunts with Cars Stunt Racers The King. Obviously, because part of the fun is in racing, kids will want to collect more Cars Stunt Racers, which are sold separately. It may also take kids some experimentation to figure out how long to rev up the car for the best stunt performances.

Who It’s For

Cars Stunt Racers The King is for Cars fans ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This car can be used with the Cars Stunt Racers Dinoco Stunt Show Set, which is sold separately.


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