Planet Sock Monkey: Magenta Beetsch

from Patch Products

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Product Information

What It Is

Planet Sock Monkey: Magenta Beetsch is part of a new collection that takes the classic sock monkey character and imagines him or her in a whole new hilarious way. Magenta is a rocker who, as the story goes, plays with a band called The Sweaty Socks. She's got a hip-hop fashion sense, and an edgy sense of humor.

Is It Fun?

There's humor and whimsy in the design that makes Magenta Beetsch a different take on the classic sock monkey, which is the whole idea. Like the whole Planet Sock Monkey line, Magenta is designed to be a collectible for kids, but older fans and collectors might want to add Magenta to their sock monkey collections.

Who It’s For

Magenta Beetsch is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Planet Sock Monkey characters include Ima Bananerd, Star Harmonkey, Long Sock Silver, Eaton Dedd, and M.O.N.K. Each is sold separately.

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