Pops Craft 3 Feather Hairclips

from Alex Toys


  • Pops Craft 3 Feather Hairclips
  • Pops Craft 5 Yummy Jewelry
  • Pops Craft 2 Feather Necklaces
  • Pops Craft 2 Sparkly Headbands


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What It Is

The Pops Craft Three Feather Hair Clips kit from Alex is an open-ended hair accessory craft kit to create three distinct and fashionable feather hair accessories. The kit comes with three hair clips, two satin cords, glitter foam shapes in different sizes and colors, and six feathers. Girls can make a simple feather hair clip or a hanging braided accessory that you can accent with feathers.

Is It Fun?

For girls who like being artistic and enjoy fashion, this kit is fast, easy to do, and once complete girls will have fashionable hair accessories they can wear all at once, separately, or pass out as gifts for their friends.

Who It’s For

The Pops Craft Three Feather Hair Clips kit is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

While the accessories take little time to make, the project can get a bit messy. The glitter on the stickers tends to shed and get in your hair and on your clothes, although this does brush off.