Amazin' 8 Roller Coaster

from K'NEX


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The K'NEX: Amazin' 8 Roller Coaster Building Set is a 448-piece set that builds a motorized roller coaster with multiple loops and a steep vertical section.

The roller coaster is over two and a half feet tall and has a motor to pull the coaster up the vertical track. When the coaster gets to the top, gravity takes over and sends it on a looping journey back to the base track

Is It Fun?

This is one of those building sets that's a fun challenge to build and then rewarding when kids see that they did everything correctly and the coaster works.

Who It’s For

This set is for K'NEX fans, ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The coaster car itself has a space themed, shuttle look.

The directions are pretty good and most people should be able to build the coaster in about 2 hours. You will need 2 "AA" batteries to control the motor and they are not included.