Animal Planet Deep Sea Submarine

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  • Animal Planet Deep Sea Submarine


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  • 3 Cell batteries required
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What It Is

Animal Planet Deep Sea Submarine lets kids pretend to explore ocean's deepest depths with this playset. The playset features lifelike figures including a stingray and barracuda with a snapping jaw. Use the diver figures to pretend to go on a diving adventure using their scuba gear and diving equipment. Or play with the interactive submarine to travel into the abyss. The sub features opening compartments with retractable claws, and rolling wheels perfect for floor play. Press the red button on top to hear submarine sound effects and make the sub's headlights light up.

Is It Fun?

This playset offers a lot of well-designed sturdy features that will hold up during a lot of imagined undersea play. And with accessories such as the snapping barracuda, we think this playset will spark a child's imagination, especially if they are already fascinated by undersea creatures and aquariums.

Who It’s For

The Animal Planet Deep Sea Submarine is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This playset is a Toys "R" Us exclusive.

Three button cell batteries are included.

While it's fun to pretend to go on underwater explorations with this submarine, it can not be submerged underwater.