Play-Doh: My First 100 Words

from Silver Dolphin Books

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Product Information

  • Play-Doh: My First 100 Words published by Silver Dolphin Books
  • Written by: Robyn Natelson
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 2 and up

What It Is

Play-Doh: My First 100 Words is a 14-page book that introduces toddlers to 100 vocabulary words in categories such as Animals; Nature; Let's Get Dressed; Ready, Set, Go!; Toys; and Favorite Foods. Each page features pictures of Play-Doh sculptures that represent the word printed underneath the picture. Kids can also try to find the friendly blue alien hiding on each page.

Is It Fun?

This "first words" book is great for kids who are just learning to talk or read. The illustrations in the book are of bright and colorful Play-Doh sculptures that are a lot of fun to look at. Kids will love seeing everyday items represented by Play-Doh creations, and they'll be developing language skills at the same time.

Who It’s For

Play-Doh: My First 100 Words is for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This book does not come with any Play-Doh, but kids can use the images in the book as inspiration for their own Play-Doh creations.


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