Leapster2 Learning Game System

from LeapFrog


  • Imagicard  Letter Factory Adventures
  • LeapFrog Epic
  • Number Lovin' Oven
  • Learning Lights Remote
  • Word Whammer
  • Build and Discover Tool Set
  • Roll & Go Rocking Horse
  • LeapTV Controller
  • My Pal Scout
  • My Pal Violet


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Parents want their kids to have online experiences that are fun, safe, age-appropriate, and educational. And this is what the world of the Leapster2 system offers. This is a redesigned and enhanced version of the popular and successful Leapster line of products that makes education fun. In addition, parents are given the unique ability to know what kids are exploring and learning online, while kids are offered a play experience that grows with them for years.

The play begins when parents connect the Leapster2 handheld to their computer, launching the LeapFrog Connect Application-parents' gateway to the Learning Path and kids' entrance to their own online experience. Kids choose their included game from four available titles and have the chance to redeem coins for the other three, after further play. After playing on the Leapster2 system, kids re-connect to upload the coins they've earned and use them to build a fully personalized world. Kids get to create an avatar and build a home for their avatar. The house then comes alive with surprises to uncover, "neighbors" who stop in to say hello and fun built-in learning games. And kids can earn more coins playing these online games, purchase mini-games with the coins, download the mini-games back to the handheld, earn more coins, and then go back online for a continuous play experience.

As a child progresses, he or she can unlock more advanced topics, more elaborate customizations, and more features. Much of the learning in this online experience is open-ended and embedded within the play. For instance, navigating the "economy" gives kids the chance to gain an understanding of real-world money management by earning, saving, and spending coins. And in games such as WeatherTown, players get to adjust factors such as temperature and humidity to see the resulting weather changes.

The combination of the Leapster2 system, Learning Path, and the online world offers unique learning and play experiences that grow with children and take them beyond core topics to areas that tap their natural love of learning. And parents can see what their child is learning as they guide them through early online play.