Super Mario Chess Collector’s Edition

from USAopoly


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What It Is

The classic strategy game of Chess gets a Super Mario twist with Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition. It is played like the classic game of Chess with two players, except Mario is the King of the red team and Bowser is the King of the green team. Mario's heroes include Luigi as the Queen, Peach and Daisy as Bishops, Yoshi as the two Knights, Toad as the two Rooks, and Coins for the eight pawns. Bowser's troop is Bowser Jr. as the Queen, Magikoopa as the Bishops, Birdo as the Knights, Goomba as the Rooks, and Green Shells for the eight pawns.

Is It Fun?

The 32 pieces in this Chess set are nicely sculptured, high-quality, and hand-painted. Mario fans and Chess fans will love battling for Mushroom Kingdom and just playing with or collecting the pieces. It's also a nice way for parents to introduce their young Mario fans to the game of Chess.

Who It’s For

Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition is for ages 7 and up. It will most appeal to Super Mario fans who also like to play Chess.

What To Be Aware Of

USAopoly produces a variety of Super Mario-themed games, from puzzles to Yahtzee. Each game is sold separately.