Power Rangers Megaforce Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle

from Bandai America


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What It Is

The Power Rangers Megaforce Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle offers two ways to play. Detach the lower chassis from the top portion and place the four-inch Red Ranger figure on the lower chassis to ride like a motorcycle. The top part of the cycle on its own becomes the Sky Lion Zord. The toy also comes with two trading cards that can be used with the Power Rangers Action Card Game, sold separately, and used to explore new Power Rangers content through the Power Rangers Card Scanner app, which is a free download for Android or iOS devices. The cycle also has a kickstand so that it stands up on its own.

Is It Fun?

This action figure and vehicle offers Power Rangers fans several ways to play, from a motorcycle for the Red Ranger and the Zord to the other Zord possibilities when kids add this toy to other Power Rangers toys. The inclusion of the cards, when used in conjunction with either the card game or the app, extends the fun and play even when kids aren't able to play with the physical toy.

Who It’s For

The Power Rangers Megaforce Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle is for Power Rangers fans ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This toy can also be attached to the Lion Mechazord, which is sold separately, to create the Gosei Grand Megazord. Kids can also mix and match the Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle with any other item that is part of the ZordBuilder collection, sold separately, as well as with the Power Ranger Blaster, also sold separately.