Sky Riders Turbo Burner

from Maui Toys


  • Sky Riders The Spartan
  • Sky Riders Turbo Burner


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What It Is

The Sky Riders Turbo Burner is a large foam airplane with a four-foot wingspan. It can fly up to 150 feet. Just give it a toss and see how far it can fly. Its durable, lightweight foam construction makes it easy to launch.

Is It Fun?

This large foam plane offers awesome outdoor play. Kids will like seeing just how far they can send the Turbo Burner flying. This engages kids in lots of active play as well.

Who It’s For

Sky Riders Turbo Burner is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If the plane hits the ground nose first, the wings may come off. Don't worry. That's part of the design and minimizes the chance of breakage. The wings may chip as kids play, use a bit of tape or glue to put it back together again.

There's a lot of play in this for a very reasonable price.