Retro Gliders

from Eclipse Toys

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Product Information

  • Retro Gliders from Eclipse Toys
  • We recommend this product for ages 8 and up

What It Is

Retro Gliders are classic foam gliders with the ever-popular rubberband launcher. Hook the rubberband onto the launcher. Grab the glider carefully and pull back, then let go to watch the glider fly up to 150 feet. The box shows how to trim the wings so that kids can vary the flight patterns.

Is It Fun?

While we didn't get our Retro Gliders to soar 150 feet, they did pick up good distance and were easy to launch. This is a fun way for kids to engage in active outdoor play.

Who It’s For

Retro Gliders are for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Don't worry if you break off a piece. A little bit of tape will help you put it back together.

This takes practice and patience to get it to fly in different ways, but that's part of the experience.

Retro Gliders are available at Cracker Barrel.


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