Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk

from RoseArt


  • Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk


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What It Is

With Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk, kids get seven pieces of sidewalk chalk for creating works of art outdoors. In the largest, central piece of chalk, there is a hidden surprise. As you color and create with the chalk, the chalk will wear down and reveal a collectible plastic figurine. There are five different Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk sets to choose from (sun, flower, sealife, skull, and monster) and 20 plastic figures to collect. The pieces of chalk can be arranged on the ground to form the shapes.

Is It Fun?

Kids love getting outside and decorating the sidewalk or driveway with sidewalk chalk. With the collectible figures, the Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk offers another way to play beyond creative chalk play. Kids will like coloring with the chalk to reveal the mystery figure hidden inside.

Who It’s For

Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

To remove chalk from hands, wash with warm water and mild soap.