Non-sters Buppy-Uppy

from Sassy

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Product Information

  • Non-sters Buppy-Uppy from Sassy
  • Part of the Non-sters brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 0 and up

What It Is

Buppy-Uppy is one of the six silly, interactive, and not scary monsters known as Non-sters. This soft, six-inch toy makes a rattling sound when babies shake it. Buppy-Uppy's bright colors and different textures will engage babies in tactile play. Buppy-Uppy also comes with a water-filled bee teether that can be chilled in the fridge to provide a soothing coolness to a teething baby's gums. The teether also has different textures on it.

Is It Fun?

Buppy-Uppy is easy for babies to play with and provides a lot of tactile and visual stimulation. Babies will like squeezing and shaking Buppy-Uppy as they play and explore. The bee teether also provides tactile stimulation and provides comfort to teething babies.

Who It’s For

Buppy-Uppy is for ages birth and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Cool the teether only in a domestic refrigerator. Do not place it in a freezer because freezing can cause the teether to burst, or the edges can become hard and sharp.

This toy is available exclusively at Target.


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