Baby Magic Baby Twins

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  • Baby Magic Baby Twins
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What It Is

Baby Magic Baby Twins is a set of two nine-inch baby dolls. One doll smells like lavender and the other doll smells like baby powder. Each wears a one-piece animal robe outfit: duck and frog. Two play bottles of hair and body wash and gentle baby lotion are also included.

Is It Fun?

With Baby Magic Baby Twins, kids can engage in a classic real mom experience: giving baby a bath. This doll playset allows kids to pretend to bathe the baby dolls and dry them off in their animal robes after bathtime. It engages kids in nurturing baby doll play.

Who It’s For

Baby Magic Baby Twins are for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The dolls are machine washable.

Baby Magic Baby Twins are available exclusively at Toys "R" Us.