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Product Information

What It Is

It's always fun to look at pretty Christmas lights during the holiday season, but when you look at the lights through Holiday Magic 3D Viewers, the lights are transformed. The patented holographic lenses bend the light to create an image on each bright point of light. There are five holiday designs. The Christmas tree glasses project a Christmas Star image on the lights, the snowman glasses project a snowman, the reindeer glasses project a reindeer face, the snowflake glasses project snowflakes, and the santa hat glasses project a santa face on the lights. The glasses work on Christmas lights, city lights, street lights, and more. The glasses are made of durable plastic.

Is It Fun?

These 3D glasses are a fun way to add a little more magic to the holiday season. Kids and adults will enjoy looking through the glasses to transform ordinary Christmas lights into colorful holographic images.

Who It’s For

Holiday Magic 3D Viewers are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each pair of glasses is sold separately, but you can also purchase them in three-packs or five-packs.

The effect isn't as good if you're too close to the lights, so take a few steps back for a bigger effect.


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