Pull-A-Long Puppy

from North American Bear Co.

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Product Information

What It Is

Pull-A-Long Puppy is a classic-looking pull-along toy that features a soft brown and tan puppy. The 11-inch dog features stitched eyes, a checkered neck bow, sturdy wooden wheels, and a safety pull-apart cord with easy-to-grasp padded ball at the end. The puppy can be removed from the wooden wheels by pulling apart the feet straps, and kids can play with the puppy as a regular stuffed animal.

Is It Fun?

Pull-A-Long Puppy is a cute little toy that helps preschoolers with fine and gross motor skills as they pull the puppy behind them. Kids will like that the puppy follows along and that the puppy can be removed from the wheels for cuddling.

Who It’s For

Pull-A-Long Puppy is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Surface wash with cold water and let air dry.

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