Classic Card Games for Modern Kids

from Peaceable Kingdom


  • Dinosaur Escape Game
  • Take-Along Games!
  • Butterfly Garland Sticker Kit
  • Airport Playworld Sticker Kit
  • Lunar Landing Sticker Kit
  • Mermaid Magic Sticker Kit
  • Royal Tiaras Sticker Kit
  • Space Adventure Sticker Fun
  • Ocean Animals Sticker Fun
  • Pirates Sticker Fun


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Classic card games have never been so much fun. This collection of all-time favorites features Go Fish!, Egyptian War, Crazy Mates, and Silly Animals 4 Up (sold separately). Fun imagery and card design bring a new flavor to the classics. These are great for family time play, and particularly good for kids to play on trips or with grandparents. They're easy to learn and engaging. No wonder the games have been classics for so many generations!