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  • Bratz Sleepover Party Cloe
  • Bratz Music Festival Vibes Tent
  • Bratz Music Festival Vibes Raya
  • Bratz Music Festival Vibes Yasmin
  • Big Bratz Yasmin
  • Big Bratz Cloe
  • Bratz Create It Yourself Fashion Playset
  • Bratz Snow Lodge
  • Bratz Study Abroad Cloe
  • Bratz Study Abroad Raya


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What It Is

The Bratz dolls have turned into monsters for the new Bratzillaz doll line. The story behind the dolls is that they use their powers for good and wear their fashions for glam. Each witchy doll wears a different fashion with matching witch hat and glass eyes. There are five Bratzillaz characters and each comes with a special "witchmark," or tattoo, on the doll's body. Jade J'Adore's magic power is to heal broken hearts, and her witchmark is a heart arrow. Sashabella Paws can communicate with animals. Her witchmark is a tribal cat. Meygana Broomstix helps people fly. Her witchmark is a pair of wings. Yasmina Clairvoya sees into the future. Her witchmark is the Egyptian eye. And Cloetta Spelleta can transform into anything. Her witchmark is the moon and stars. Each doll is sold separately, and includes a broom-shaped hairbrush, doll stand, and spell scroll.

Kids can unlock content (discover your magic wand, cast spells, and more) from by holding the included magic spell card or pet card up to a webcam.

Is It Fun?

The monster theme is pretty popular in the doll aisle these days, and Bratzillaz plays into that with these fun and glam witches. Kids will like the cool fashions and playing out all kinds of imaginative, magical scenarios.

Who It’s For

Bratzillaz are for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each doll also has its own pet, but pets are sold separately.