Matchbox Big Boots Bootsburg Blaze Brigade

from Mattel


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Big Boots are small preschool action figures that can be tossed, launched, or dropped and always land on their feet thanks to their big boots. The Matchbox Big Boots Bootsburg Blaze Brigade comes with three Big Boots figures and a fire truck. There are three ways to launch the figures. First, you can open up the front of the truck and place two figures inside. Close up the truck, then pull back on the rear fender and let go to launch the two figures from the front of the truck. There are two rear launchers on either side of the fire truck that each hold one figure. Place the figures on the launchers, then pull back on the rear fender and let go to launch. Place a figure on the ladder, then push down on the right-side middle button to lift up the ladder and send the figure flying. Kids can also blast a "water" missile. The truck can hold up to 12 Big Boots figures. Additional figures are sold separately.

Is It Fun?

The Big Boots concept is really cute and will appeal to younger kids who will get a kick out of launching the characters and watching them land on their feet. This playset will inspire lots of open-ended action play.

Who It’s For

The Matchbox Big Boots Bootsburg Blaze Brigade is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions are all in pictures and they aren't very clear, so it may take kids (with the help of mom and dad) a few minutes to figure out how it all works. Once we figured it out, the two rear launchers didn't send the figures flying very far or very well. The other two launchers worked well.

Some assembly is required. It takes about 10 minutes to set up.

Do not aim the water projectile at eyes or faces. Only use the projectile supplied with this toy. Do not fire at point-blank range.