Freeze Pop Maker

from Little Kids, Inc.


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Now kids can make tasty treats that are healthy, quick, and mess-free. Hear that? Mess free! With the Freeze Pop Maker, enjoy making your own freeze pops quickly and easily with built-in less-mess technology and no batteries required. Kids mix and pour their favorite juice into the tank and place a magic freeze pop bag onto the nozzle. With just one push of the pump, the perfect amount of juice is dispensed into the plastic bag and the bag seals itself, just like magic. The unique pump mechanism prevents overfilling. Freeze Pop creations are then placed into the freezer, and within 15-20 minutes the contents freeze and it's time to enjoy a delicious freeze pop. Kids can mix their favorite juices together to come up with new, tasty adventures. The Freeze Pop Maker includes 36 magic seal bags; a recipe booklet, "All Time Favorite Freeze Pop Recipes"; four ice pop molds; four ice pop sticks; one measuring cup; and one drip tray.

These days, when it comes to kids' snack foods, it's important to offer something healthy-a word that kids don't always like the sound of. But with the Freeze Pop Maker, you can give new life to a food that kids already like-juice! Kids can get creative by mixing different juices. It's a truly hands-on kitchen experience for them. And chances are, juice is already in the fridge, saving mom and dad a trip to the grocery store and some cash.