Talking Tubes

from Alex Toys


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Talking Tubes is a new interpretation of the classic string and can telephone, but it works a little bit better. The toy has about 10 feet of bendable plastic tube and two handsets that look like those from classic telephones. When one child talks into the handset, the vibrations of the sound travel down through the tube and the other child hears them loud and clear through his handset. It works around corners and in all kinds of bendy positions.

Is It Fun?

This is basic play that preschoolers will find magical. What they'll do with it is only limited by their imaginations. It's an ingenius way to update a favorite play pattern.

Who It’s For

Talking Tubes is for ages 3 and up. Even though this is designed for younger kids, we think this is one that older kids will remain interested in if it's in your toy box.

What To Be Aware Of

When you bend the tube, don't crimp it too tight or the sound will not be able to travel.