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What It Is

The Wave Hoop is different from other hoops because it contains water inside. The purpose of including water is that the weight makes it easier to spin the hoop around your waist. The Wave Hoop comes in two sizes, 27-inch and 34.5-inch, and a variety of bright and holographic colors.

Is It Fun?

The Wave Hoop is a fun take on a classic toy. Kids will like the bright colors and that it's easier for them to get and keep the hoop going thanks to the added water inside.

Who It’s For

The Wave Hoop is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Wave Hoop has a product sticker on it with the barcode. Be careful removing this sticker or you might end up removing the colored wrapping around the hoop, and then you'll just be left with a black hoop.