Hot Wheels Light Speeders Lightbrush Lab

from Mattel


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  • Assembly & Instructions

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  • 3 AAA batteries required
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What It Is

With the Hot Wheels Light Speeders Lightbrush Lab, kids can customize Hot Wheels Light Speeders vehicles with the power of light. The lightbrush tool is styled after an airbrush and it has sounds that mimic spraying paint. The "spray" is actually a beam of light that, when directed at the vehicle, changes the vehicle's color. Place a car on the platform and use the robotic arm to hold stencils in place and create cool designs for a more detailed paint job. Snap one of the pattern nozzles on the brush to change the shape of the light beam, creating star and checkered flag patterns. The vehicle's original color will return within two minutes so that kids can customize it again. The set comes with one Light Speeders vehicle, three stencil disks, three pattern nozzles, a disk/nozzle holder, a lightbrush, and a design station.

Is It Fun?

In the past, kids have been able to change the color of Hot Wheels vehicles using water. The Light Speeders Lightbrush Lab offers an easier (and mess-free) way to change color and add cool designs. With this set, kids can pretend to be just like the pros at an auto shop and create their own custom car designs.

Who It’s For

The Hot Wheels Light Speeders Lightbrush Lab is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required.

The lightbrush comes with three AAA batteries, but those are for try-me purposes. Mattel recommends replacing the batteries before you play for best results.

When using the stencils, for best results hold the light against the stencil for three seconds or more.

Additional Light Speeders vehicles are sold separately.