Spa Factory Spa Fantasy Playset

from Jakks Pacific



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Even the youngest kids are discovering the pleasures of the spa. Now kids can pamper themselves with cool concoctions that you create! This playset features a real, working aromatherapy fountain and girls can spend endless hours experimenting and creating lovely scented perfumes, lip glosses, facial masks, and bath fizzies. The Spa Fantasy Playset includes all the ingredients girls need for creating their own spa experience at home, including the Spring Citrus essential oils collection, as well as natural citrus blend, bath fizzy powder, perfume and lip gloss bases, a calming clay mask, recipe cards, and mixing tools. Gift bottles are also included for gifting to friends. Creative play meets hot trend in this beautifully designed set. Watch out, though, mom--or even dad--may want to try out these high quality products.