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What It Is

In Expedition Dino, players enter Dinosaur Valley to help Tim the dinosaur explorer find bones and excavate a dinosaur. The player to collect the most bones before the dinosaur is revealed wins.

Before playing, you must assemble the dinosaur and rock formation. Place any six boulders in two rows of three on the rock pedestal. Place the dinosaur upright between the rows of boulders. Stack the 18 remaining boulders in three further layers on top. Now the dinosaur is completely embedded inside the "rock".

Players take turns rolling the die to see how many spaces they move Tim. If Tim lands on a hammer space or a hammer and chisel space, it means the player who rolled the die can excavate. To excavate, take the tools and carefully hit the rock somewhere suitable so that one boulder can be loosened and fall down. You have up to three attempts. If you knock down a boulder and the boulder lands with a bone facing up, you collect that boulder. If it doesn't have a bone, you place the boulder on the deposit square (a discard area for the boulders). You don't get to collect any boulders if you make more than one boulder fall, make no boulders fall after your third hit, or hit Tim with a boulder. Those boulders go onto the deposit square.

If Tim lands on a magnifying glass space, that player gets to explore. Take a boulder from the deposit square and roll it as if it were a die. If it shows a bone facing up, you get to take the boulder. If not, return the boulder to the deposit square.

The game ends as soon as the dinosaur falls over. Whoever has the most boulders wins.

Expedition Dino comes with a Dinosaur Valley game board, a wooden figure of dinosaur explorer Tim, a dinosaur, a wooden hammer, a wooden chisel, 24 boulders (in the shape of cubes), a rock pedestal, a wooden green die, and instructions. The game is for two to five players.

Is It Fun?

Expedition Dino will appeal to kids who have an interest in dinosaurs. Kids will like the 3-D game board and getting to use kid-sized tools based off the ones used by real archaeologists.

Who It’s For

Expedition Dino is for young dinosaur fans ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Some assembly of the game board is required.

Expedition Dino is available at maukilo.com.