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What It Is

The Over Under Game is based on a wager system most commonly used in sports betting. An 18-year-old New York University student adapted the concept into a board game. The game challenges players to make their best guess at up to 200 zany questions. Each question has a numerical answer and players must guess whether the provided number (or the "line") is over or under the actual value.

The 200 question cards are split into four categories: Amazing Physical Phenoms, Fun Food Facts, Numerical Nuggets, and Wacky, Warped, & Weird. A roll of the die designed just for this game determines the category. One card may read: "Over Under on the cost of a cab ride from New York to Los Angeles." The line provided is $8,500. Players or teams guess whether it costs more (over) or less (under) than $8,500 to take a cab from NYC to LA. The answer is $9,000 plus tip, so anyone who guessed "over" would be correct.

In addition to guessing over/under for each question, players also bet on their confidence in their answer. A wager of one means you have "no earthly idea" while a five means that you're "100 percent sure." The number you wager is the number of spaces you move. If you guess wrong and bet a five, you must move backward five spaces. If you were correct, you'd move forward five spaces. The goal of the game is to land on the finish line spot.

The game board also has shortcut routes that players can take to the finish line, but you must land exactly on a shortcut space to be able to take it. There are also other action spaces on the board, including miss a turn, skip ahead three spaces, table sip (everyone playing takes a sip from their drink), and solo sip (only you have to take a sip).

The Over Under Game comes with a playing board, 200 question cards, a 20-second timer, a custom die, four mover pieces, and 20 power/confidence tokens. The game is for two or more players. We think it's best when played with at least three players.

Is It Fun?

Guessing and answering the questions is a lot of fun, but the confidence betting adds a level of strategy to the game. A player might bet a one or two even if they are positive they know the correct answer in order to land on a shortcut space.

Who It’s For

The Over Under Game is for ages 12 and up. With spaces such as Table Sip and Solo Sip on the game board, we think this game will be popular with college students and adults. (Over Under was created by a college student, after all.) Obviously, if you're playing with 12-year-olds, it is not required that you play with alcohol. You can either ignore those spaces or just drink soda, milk, or whatever your usual family game night beverages are.

What To Be Aware Of

The number of question cards included (200) might seem high, but after you've played the game four or five times, you will have gone through all of the cards and know all the answers.