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What It Is

Uglydolls have been around for several years, and the line of monster-esque characters continues to grow. There are new characters in the Uglydoll Clip-Ons collection, including Basheeshee and Kram Scrammy. Each character comes with its own personality and story, detailed in an accompanying hangtag. For example, this is part of Basheeshee's personality profile: "Basheeshee has always grown up in the shadow of his big brother Big Toe. Mostly because Big Toe is huge! Well, Basheeshee is huge too, not in size or muscle mass like his also blue bro, but in his capacity for love, caring, understanding, and letting his ears down to rock it baby, that's correct!" Kids can clip the soft, four-inch Uglydolls Clip-Ons to a backpack, purse, belt loop, or wherever they feel like showing off their Uglydolls.

Is It Fun?

Some people think Uglydolls are, well, ugly. But we think they are cute and kids find them funny. The humor in the personality profiles is geared toward older kids and adults, but younger kids like the toys because they are silly. Just like the larger stuffed Uglydolls characters, the Uglydolls Clip-Ons are very cute, very soft, and great for showcasing your love of these guys on-the-go.

Who It’s For

The Uglydoll Clip-Ons are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

To see the entire Uglydoll lineup, visit Uglydolls are mainly found in specialty stores.