Square Shooters Deluxe Set

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What It Is

Square Shooters is a game that puts a deck of cards on dice. It comes with nine dice that have traditional playing card faces printed on them. (Each die has six faces. Nine dice together have 54 faces—a complete deck of 52 playing cards plus two Jokers.) The object of the game is to win the most chips at the end of eight rounds. To win chips, you must roll the correct target hand during each round of play.

On your turn, flip over a game card. The cards show an example of a popular card hand, such as a straight flush. You have three chances to roll the dice and match the hand. After the first and second rolls, if there are any dice you want to keep, pull those dice aside and roll the remaining dice. (You would keep dice if you think they are the best choices for trying to match the target hand for that round.) If you've matched the card hand in three rolls or less, then you win the amount of chips stated on the card.

Shuffled within the game cards are three types of Shootout cards: Quick-Draw, Double-Down, and Showdown. You can use Quick-Draw Cards once to win chips when one of your opponents wins chips. Double-Down Cards can be used once to double your chips for one of your future hands. Showdown Cards pit two players head-to-head to see who can roll the best hand.

If you've ever played Yahtzee, this game will seem familiar, but the addition of the playing card theme adds an original element that will appeal to fans of card games as well.

The Deluxe Set comes with a dice cup, 100 chips, nine dice, 42 game cards, a scorepad, a deck of standard playing cards, and instructions. The game is for two to six players.

Is It Fun?

Square Shooters is a unique way to play cards. It's an easy to learn game with different gameplay every time. Having a complete deck of cards on dice makes this game very versatile. You can use the dice to play variations of most card games or make up your own games.

Who It’s For

Square Shooters is for ages 8 and up. It will appeal most to people who like card games and games of chance.

What To Be Aware Of

The score pad and standard playing cards included with this game set are not needed to play Square Shooters. These are provided so that you can play other games, such as Shootout and Rummy. Instructions on how to play these other games are also included.

Other versions of Square Shooters are also available. The Blister Pack comes with nine Square Shooters dice. It retails for about $4.99. The Basic Set comes with nine dice, 100 chips, game cards, and a storage pouch. It retails for about $12.99.