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What It Is

In 2004, when Connor Bernstein was a 9-year-old fourth grader, he began making his own science kits because he was frustrated with the overpriced science kits on the market. With the help of Connor's mom, Connor's Science Universe for Kids was born. Now Connor is 17, and his company produces a wide range of complete, self-contained science kits that kids can enjoy and afford. Each kit in the Connor's Kits for Kids line comes with enough materials to do all of the experiments more than once, as well as directions written by Connor himself.

With the Polymer Power kit, kids can create their own polymer (combining one chemical with another chemical to form something new) in the form of slime. Fill the Slimerizer bottle with water. Mix 15ml of Slime Base with 5ml of the Slimerizer in the provided large cup. Stir for about 10 seconds to create the slime. Once the slime is created, kids can play with it and perform different activities and experiments with it, as suggested in the instructions. Kids can create their own formulas for making slime by adding more or less Slime Base, Slimerizer, or water. Kids can keep track of their results using the Slime Formula Chart. There is also a frequently asked questions section within the instructions that provides kids with easy-to-understand answers to what a polymer is and why the slime formed when kids mixed the Slimerizer and Slime Base.

The Polymer Power kit comes with a bottle of Slime Base, a bottle of Slimerizer powder, two small measuring cups, a wooden stick, a plastic bag for storing the slime, a large cup, and instructions.

Is It Fun?

The Polymer Power kit, along with all of Connor's Kits for Kids, is designed to make science easy to understand and fun for kids. Kids will have fun making and playing with the slime, but the kit really engages kids to go further by suggesting different activities and experiments that enhance the hands-on, science-based play.

Who It’s For

The Polymer Power kit is recommended for two different age groups. Children 4—7 will need adult assistance and supervision. Kids 8 and up will be able to use the Polymer Power kit independently, but adult supervision is still recommended.

What To Be Aware Of

Other kits include Crystal Explosion, Plant Pals, and Awesome Insta-Pets. Each is sold separately. Connor's Kits for Kids are available nationwide at specialty toy stores, museum stores, and hobby shops, as well as at numerous online retailers, including www.kitsforkids.com.

Don't leave slime on the couch or your clothes and don't put it on walls. It can be hard to clean off.

Store the Slime Base and Slimerizer in the refrigerator after first use so that they will last longer.