Make a Mummy, Shrink a Head, and Other Useful Skills

from Klutz


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What It Is

Make a Mummy, Shrink a Head, and Other Useful Skills is an activity book that includes 20 activities for "fearless explorers." Kids will be able to discover what kind of explorer they are, find a path through an Amazonian jungle, take on Ima Digger's challenge in the museum basement, explore the caverns of the Mayan underworld, decode messages in Egyptian hieroglyphics, doom unwelcome visitors with the Curse-O-Matic, and build a sarcophagus using punch-out pieces in the book.

There are two science experiment-type activities in the book: creating a mummy out of a hot dog and shrinking an apple "head." The mummy experiment really does involve covering a hot dog in baking soda and salt to dry it out. Once dry, kids can wrap it in toilet paper or masking tape and draw on it so that it looks like a mummy. As long as the hot dog remains dry, it will last for a long time without rotting. Shrinking an apple "head" involves carving a face in an apple and soaking the apple in lemon juice and salt for one minute. Kids then find a warm and dry place to let the apple head shrivel up. Supplies for these experiments are not included.

Kids can also go to to install the Google Earth tour plug-in or the Google Earth program. Then they can "tour the world" on Google Earth and punch out the luggage tags in the book to decorate their backpacks and show off all the places they've "visited." There are also postcards in the book that kids can mail to friends and family.

Is It Fun?

This is a silly book full of quizzes, games, and activities that kids can do right in the kitchen. The humor in this book is very tongue-in-cheek and will definitely appeal to a kid's sense of humor. It offers great pretend and imaginative play for kids as they take on the role of explorer and complete all the activities in the book.

Who It’s For

Make a Mummy, Shrink a Head, and Other Useful Skills is for ages 8 and up. To make the hot dog mummy and shrunken apple head, kids may need some help from parents.

What To Be Aware Of

It takes about an hour to set up the hot dog mummy experiment, and after two and a half weeks, your hot dog will be mummified.

It takes a couple of weeks for the apple head to shrink.