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What It Is

With My Fabulous Look Book, kids can design their own fashions without needing advanced drawing skills. The book comes with more than 70 pages of Art Starters, which are simple line drawings of faces and figures on which kids can draw and color. The Art Starters ensure that kids get perfectly proportioned drawings every time.

There are 10 colored pencils and sparkling stickers for adding jewelry or other "bling" to the drawings. My Fabulous Look Book also has tons of pages with step-by-step tutorials for drawing hair, eyes, lips, and different types of clothing, such as a ruffled top or glittery pumps. Once kids read through all the tutorials, they're ready to start creating on the Art Starters pages. Use the colored pencils to draw right over the sketches, using inspiration from the sample pictures in the book or making up something completely new.

Kids can also showcase their favorite finished looks in the book's My Portfolio section. My Portfolio has several different picture frames in which kids can put their favorite looks. Simply cut out a finished look along the dotted lines, unfold a Look Book page, and tape the finished look face-down over an open frame. Fold the page closed and tuck the edge under the tabs to keep it shut.

Is It Fun?

Kids who are interested in drawing and fashion will like that My Fabulous Look Book easily allows them to draw and create their own clothing designs. Designers, models, stylists, and other professionals collect their best work in a Look Book, which is an album of images that show off their unique styles. Kids, especially those who want to be fashion designers when they grow up, will love having their very own Look Book full of their own designs just like the pros.

Who It’s For

My Fabulous Look Book is for ages 8 and up. Kids with an interest in fashion and drawing will get the most out of this, almost needless to say.

What To Be Aware Of

Extra supplies for My Fabulous Look Book can be ordered on