Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets

from Klutz


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What It Is

Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets lets kids make friendship bracelets that incorporate the traditional ribbon braiding associated with friendship bracelets and add charms, beads, and new braiding techniques. There are five different bracelets to make: bitten, snake charmer, roses & thorns, tangled, and cobweb. The kit comes with three colors of cord (jet black, shadow purple, and quicksilver), iridescent red and amethyst beads, five red droplet beads (that sort of resemble a drop of blood), and five charms (moon, star, bat, and two hearts). Kids will also need a pair of scissors, a ruler, and a clipboard or safety pin to hold the bracelet as they work. These supplies are not included. The book comes with step-by-step instructions on how to create the starting knot that all the bracelets in the book start off with and each of the five bracelet designs.

Is It Fun?

The whimsical graphics, moody color palette, and gently wicked sense of humor make Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets a different kind of friendship bracelet book. Klutz designed Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets to appeal to "edgier" girls who weren't really into the stereotypical sunshine, flowers, and rainbows. But this activity kit will appeal to any kid with an interest in creating jewelry. It offers independent play for kids and engages them in creative play as they design their own bracelets to wear or share.

Who It’s For

Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets is for ages 8 and up. This is for a slightly older age than the traditional friendship bracelet, but we really like the more sophisticated way that these have been designed to appeal to older girls who will like customizing them to their own taste.

What To Be Aware Of

Extra supplies can be purchased at your local craft store. For beads, look for size 06. For cord, look for waxed cotton or hemp. You can also order more supplies at Klutz.com.

It takes 20-30 minutes to create a bracelet, but making the bracelets is part of the fun and play.