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What It Is

Trick your friends and family this holiday season by wrapping gifts in Prank Packs. These are joke boxes that contain your gift inside, but on the outside, they appear to contain something ridiculous, such as the PetPetter, which boasts that you'll never have to pet your pet again, or the Wake & Bake Dream Griddle Alarm Clock, which cooks pancakes and eggs for you when the alarm goes off. All six sides of the Prank Pack boxes feature full-color graphics that create the illusion of a real, but really stupid, product. Once the recipient of your gift starts opening the box, they'll uncover a bright yellow flap with the words "Prank you! Sorry 'bout that, your real gift is inside."

There is a Prank Pack style for every person on your gift list. Other styles include the Family Blankeez (the blanket that covers up to eight people), iArm Forearm Mount (so you can wear your iPad on your arm), Bathe & Brew Shower Coffee Maker + Soap Dispenser (to get "caffeine clean"), Beer Beard (a fake beard beverage dispenser), ToeTunes Slipper Speakers (slippers with speakers), Coffee Talkies (travel mug walkie talkies), Motorized Rolling Pin, iDrive Mobile Device Mount (places mobile devices in the center of your steering wheel for easy access), BirdieBelt Wearable GPS (for golfers), and Noggin' Net (a wearable fishing net).

Is It Fun?

Prank Packs are a way to bring some silliness and humor to gift-wrapping and opening. The joke copy on the Prank Pack boxes is really funny, but written in such a serious way that the recipient may not realize the whole thing is a joke until they open the box. (Isn't a Motorized Rolling Pin the kind of thing you'd expect to see on a late-night infomercial?)

Who It’s For

Prank Packs don't have an age recommendation because they are really more for adults than kids. We think that kids 12 and up will understand and appreciate the humor of Prank Packs. While Prank Packs don't contain any derogatory content, some parents might find that certain Prank Pack boxes, such as the Beer Beard, are not really kid-appropriate.

What To Be Aware Of

Prank Packs are available at Bed, Bath, & Beyond stores and at

The boxes are 12 inches by 9 inches by 4 inches (a little bigger than the Yellow Pages) so they can hold most gifts.