OgoBild Nexus Construction Set

from OgoSport


  • OgoBild Nexus Construction Set
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What It Is

The OgoBild Nexus Construction Set is a new type of construction toy. Instead of building a specific item, the variety of pieces in the OgoBild Nexus set let kids build whatever they can imagine. Every creation starts with an OgoBild ball attachment. Using the flexible OgoBild ball as a base, kids can add different pieces to start building. Everything easily pops or snaps together. There are several pieces, such as wheels and propellers, that move so kids can build moving cars, rockets, action figures, robots, creatures, sculptures, and more. All OgoBild ball attachments are interchangeable, so kids can collect them all and use them with different OgoBild construction sets.

Is It Fun?

The OgoBild Nexus Construction Set is a great way for kids to engage in creative play. With no instructions or rules, kids can put the OgoBild pieces together to build unique creatures, vehicles, and whatever else they can imagine.

Who It’s For

The OgoBild Nexus Construction Set is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The OgoBild Nexus Construction Set is available at specialty toy stores.