Block Crayon Color & Stow Farm

from Wooky Entertainment


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  • Block Crayon 3-in-1 Activity Table
  • Block Crayon Color & Stow Farm


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What It Is

What It Is

The Block Crayon Color & Stow Farm is a plastic, barn-shaped activity set that comes with 20 crayons and serves as a craft station and storage container. The crayons come in different colors and shapes. There are chunky single crayons, double crayons, and even crayons shaped like farm animals. The crayons can also be stacked on top of each other and on top of the barn lid. Underneath the lid is an attached 25-foot paper roll on which kids can color and draw. Everything fits inside the barn for easy cleanup and storage, and there is also room for kids to store their other crayons. There is a handle on top of the lid for carrying the Color & Stow Farm set on the go.

Why It’s Fun

The Block Crayon Color & Stow Farm is a simple arts and crafts set for young artists. The set comes with everything kids need to get creative, and the chunky crayons are easy for small hands to grasp. The stacking component of the crayons creates a different way for kids to play with colors.

Who It’s For

The Block Crayon Color & Stow Farm is for ages 18 months and up. Virtually every kid who likes to color will find this engaging, and parents will like the fact that it's self-contained and offers storage for easy cleanup.

What to Be Aware of

The crayons shaped like farm animals wear down with use and don't look much like animals fairly quickly. Some kids may prefer to keep those crayons to play with as figures and use their own traditional crayons for coloring.