Lightning McQueen Alive

from Mattel


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  • 6 AA batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

Lightning McQueen Alive is a 1:55-scale (a little larger than a traditional 1:64 Hot Wheels car), fully animated, talking die-cast racecar. There are three motors inside Lightning McQueen. One motor powers forward/reverse driving; the second powers Lightning's eyes, body, and steering; and the third motor powers Lightning's moving mouth. Lightning McQueen Alive also features LED headlights, a touch sensor on top of the car, 12 animated driving sequences, and 20 movie phrases and racing sounds.

Connect the gas station charger base to Lightning McQueen Alive to charge up the battery. Once charged, choose one of the three driving modes for Lightning McQueen. Mode 1 is short-distance driving. Tap the touch sensor to activate the first animated sequence in Mode 1. There are seven animated driving sequences. To see the next sequence, tap the touch sensor again when the vehicle stops moving. To switch to Drive Mode 2, which is test drive mode, press the select mode button on the bottom of the car while the vehicle is in Mode 1. Tap the touch sensor to activate the first animated sequence, and continue tapping the touch sensor to see all four animated sequences in Mode 2. Mode 3 is all about long-distance driving. Press and hold the select mode button for two seconds and then tap the touch sensor while the vehicle is in Mode 2. Tap the touch sensor again to watch Lightning McQueen race away. There is only one animated sequence in Mode 3. To see it again, tap the touch sensor again.

Lightning McQueen Alive comes with a gas station charger base, a collector display stand, and an owner's manual.

Why It’s Fun

Pixar's Cars is traditionally a brand geared toward kids, but some adult car fans also like the movies and the real-life cars on which the characters are based. This is why Lightning McQueen Alive, with its "micro technology" (as Mattel calls it) and detailed design, is geared toward the adult collector. However, Lightning McQueen Alive really brings to life the character of Lightning McQueen, which will definitely appeal to kids. This is a toy that can be played with together by adult fans and their kids.

Who It’s For

While this is safe for kids 3 and older, Mattel recommends Lightning McQueen Alive for the adult collector.

Though this is one that adults and kids can truly enjoy together.

What to Be Aware of

The charger for Lightning McQueen Alive requires six AA batteries, which are not included. The vehicle itself is powered by a permanently installed, rechargeable Li-Po battery. Charging the battery takes 30 minutes.

Lightning McQueen works best on flat, level, and hard surfaces.

Make sure the floor space where Lightning McQueen Alive will be driving is free of obstacles.