Where is Sock Monkey? Game

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  • Where is Sock Monkey? Game


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What It Is

What It Is

In the Where is Sock Monkey? Game, the sock monkey is hiding and players must follow clues to find the sock monkey before time runs out.

One player is the Hider and hides the sock monkey somewhere in the house. All other players close their eyes until the Hider is done. Once the sock monkey is hidden, place the game board on a playing surface and mix up all the tiles face-down. Then place the tiles face-down on the red area of the game board. Players take turns flipping over a tile. If you flip over a Question Tile, you can ask the Hider a yes-or-no question about where the sock monkey is hidden: Is the sock monkey in a room with a bed? Place that Question Tile on the Yes area or No area of the game board, depending on the answer. If you turn over a Go Look! Tile, then the Hider immediately turns over the sand timer and you can get up and look through the house, using clues that have already been uncovered about the sock monkey's location. The game is over when the sock monkey is found or after three Go Look! Tiles have been flipped and there have been three searches for the sock monkey. If the sock monkey isn't found, then the Hider wins the game. If one of the players finds the sock monkey, then that player wins.

The Where is Sock Monkey? Game comes with a sock monkey, 22 Question Tiles, seven Go Look! Tiles, a game board, a 40-second sand timer, and instructions. It is for two to four players.

Why It’s Fun

This is a simple game for younger kids to play. It's sort of a combination of 20 Questions and Hide-and-Seek, with elementary deductive reasoning thrown in. Kids will enjoy searching for the sock monkey (and playing and cuddling with the soft sock monkey after the game), just as much as they will enjoy playing the role of Hider and coming up with clever places to hide the sock monkey.

Who It’s For

Where is Sock Monkey? Game is for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

There are some guidelines as to where the sock monkey can be hidden. The sock monkey must be hidden inside the house and in a room where all players may visit. Some part of the sock monkey must be in plain sight when you're standing in that room, so the sock monkey can't be inside something closed, such as a box or cabinet. And the sock monkey shouldn't be placed where it could get wet or messy.