Tonka Chuck & Friends Storybook Fleet

from Hasbro

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Product Information

  • Tonka Chuck & Friends Storybook Fleet from Hasbro
  • Part of the Tonka Chuck & Friends brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 1 and up

What It Is

What It Is

There are lots of new adventures for Chuck the Dump Truck and his truck friends. The new Tonka Chuck & Friends Storybook Fleet is a collection of four sets that each come with four mini character vehicles and a 24-page storybook. The four sets, each with a different book and vehicles, include Bridge Jump Adventure, Great Gold Hunt, Mega Mud Tag, and Ramps and Roll Race. All of the vehicles in the Storybook Fleet sets are compatible with Chuck & Friends Fold'n Go playsets, which are sold separately.

Why It’s Fun

These smaller vehicles allow younger kids to engage in the fun of Chuck & Friends. Each chunky vehicle in the Storybook Fleet collection is sized right for smaller hands and, as children push the cars along, helps with fine motor skills. Even older Chuck fans will enjoy these mini collectible vehicles, playing out the story in the books and creating their own stories about Chuck and his friends.

Who It’s For

The Tonka Chuck & Friends Storybook Fleet sets are for ages 12 months and up. Children at this age obviously won't be able to read the books themselves, so parents will need to do the reading. There is also a seek-and-find game within the stories that preschoolers will be able to play.

What to Be Aware of features games and more stories about Chuck and the other vehicles.


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