Toy Story To Infinity and Beyond Space Mission Figures

from Mattel


  • Toy Story Woody Talking Action Figure
  • Toy Story Jessie Talking Action Figure
  • Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure
  • Toy Story 20th Anniversary Sunnyside Daycare Gift Set
  • Toy Story 20th Anniversary Andy's Room Gift Set
  • Slinky Dog Bunch-O-Bubbles
  • Tell Tale Toy Story
  • Talking Woody
  • Toy Story 3 Lots-O'-Huggin Bear Medium
  • Talking Buzz Lightyear


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What It Is

What It Is

The Toy Story saga didn't end with the third movie. Now there is a new space-themed story for the characters detailed in a free digital book and accompanying action figures and playsets. (To say nothing of living on in the imaginations of children everywhere.) The new To Infinity and Beyond Space Mission Figures feature Buzz, Woody, Zurg, and Rex in all-new space outfits. Play along as you read the digital book, which is accessible for free from

The figures are compatible with the Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Command Center, which is sold separately.

Why It’s Fun

This is a fun new way to extend the play of Toy Story. The story and the toys have taken on a life for kids way beyond simply recreating the narratives they see on the screen. Kids love bringing these toys to life in their own world, and the space theme is a classic platform for promoting imaginative, open-ended play.

Who It’s For

The To Infinity and Beyond Space Mission Figures are for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Some of the figures come unassembled.