Angry Birds 8.5-inch Playground Balls

from Commonwealth Toys

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Product Information

What It Is

What It Is

Each Angry Birds 8.5-inch Playground Ball comes fully inflated and features either the face of the red bird or the face of a green pig. These classic rubber playground balls are great for playing catch, four-square, kickball, and dodgeball.

Why It’s Fun

With the Angry Birds Playground Balls, kids can play all their favorite outdoor games but with a fun Angry Birds twist. Kids can even create a real-life Angry Birds game scenario with one person as the slingshot and the other person as a pig. (Just be careful not to throw the balls at someone's face.)

Who It’s For

The Angry Birds 8.5-inch Playground Balls are for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The playground balls do not make noise.

You may need to reinflate the balls after use, and the ball is designed to take a common inflation pin.


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