Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank

from Fisher-Price

Product Information

  • Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank from Fisher-Price
  • Part of the Laugh & Learn brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 months and up
  • 3 AAA batteries required TTPM Is Always On With

What It Is

To build fine motor skills in younger kids, have them do simple actions like putting coins in slots. This helps develop the pincer grasp (thumb-and-forefinger motion that's involved for manipulating small items) as well as hand/eye coordination. One toy that helps kids practice and develop this skill is the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank. With large coins and a colorful look, this toy aides development in children from six-months and up; there are also songs, counting, colors and more. Once your child has mastered the activity of putting the coins in the bank, have him or her try adding matching colors or counting to keep this interesting and further develop cognitive skills.


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