Cars 2 Bomb Blastin’ Mater

from Mattel


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  • 6 AA batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

Based on the spy storyline from Cars 2, Bomb Blastin' Mater is stealthy, sleek, and totally tricked out. The truck has lights and sounds, machine guns and booster rockets, and a pretend bomb tied to its hood. Mater's eyes and mouth even move when he talks. Lift up on Mater's tow hook to reveal flashing rockets. Press the tow light to hear music and more than 70 Mater phrases voiced, just like in the movie, by Larry the Cable Guy. A press of the tow light will also send Mater driving and dancing. Press the top of Mater's cab to reveal the hidden bomb tied to the hood. Kids have 10 seconds to deactivate it (by pressing the top of the cab again) before it "explodes."

Why It’s Fun

The lights, sounds, and, especially, the animated face help bring to life this favorite character. Kids can reenact scenes from Cars 2 or create their own spy adventures with the interactive Bomb Blastin' Mater.

Who It’s For

Bomb Blastin' Mater is for ages 4 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Bomb Blastin' Mater works best on hard, flat surfaces.

Six AA batteries are included.