Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy Game

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  • Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy Game
  • Happy Feet Two Dancing Amigo Ramon


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  • 3 AA batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

The original Happy Feet movie was all about Mumble, the dancing penguin. In Happy Feet Two, Mumble's son Erik isn't a good dancer. There is a new game featuring the choreographically challenged Erik. The object of Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy is to be the first player to collect all six of your colored ice cubes. Each player chooses a color and places all six of their ice cubes on the game board. Turn on Erik by pressing the button on his back. As he bounces and shakes around, he flips out ice cubes. Grab any of your colored ice cubes and keep them near you. These are safe. Or you can grab any of your opponents' ice cubes and put them back on the game board. The player to get all six of his ice cubes must press the button on Erik to turn him off and win the game. Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy Game comes with an Erik figure, a plastic game base, a game playing surface, and 24 ice cubes in four colors. The game is for two to four players.

Why It’s Fun

Kids will like watching Erik shake around and fling their ice cubes off the game board. Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy is a fast-paced action game, featuring a very cute penguin character, that kids will find silly and engaging.

Who It’s For

Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy Game is for ages 5 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The game requires three AA batteries, which are not included.

When the Erik figure is turned on and moving around the game board, it is loud. There's not much you can do about the noise, so be prepared to shout to be heard as you play.