Hexbug Nano Habitat Set Featuring the Construct System

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  • 2 cell batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

Hexbugs are mini robotic bugs that mimic the movement and seemingly random behaviors of real bugs. There are a variety of Hexbugs to collect as well as several playsets to give your Hexbugs a place to roam. One of the newest sets is the Hexbug Nano Habitat Set Featuring the Construct System. This set has been updated with the Construct Habitat System and now features new modular parts and accessories to extend creative playtime. There are different ways that kids can configure this set, and once configured, there are even more options for customization. The floor of each Hex Cell now comes spotted with attachment points where kids can insert the playground accessory of their choice including pegs, adjustable flags, a seesaw, a merry-go-round, and vertical and horizontal rollers. The newly designed Hex Cells also come with removable walls so multiple cells can be connected to one another to create vast and diverse environments. The set comes with 10 easy-connect pieces, 20 construct pieces, and two Hexbug Nanos. This can be connected to other Hexbug Nano sets and accessories.

Why It’s Fun

The essential element of fun in Hexbug play is the seemingly random movements that mimic bugs and the ability of kids to create different worlds and obstacles for the bugs to interact with. Kids will like creating their own environments for their Hexbug Nanos and adapting or changing them to see how these mini robots respond in different configurations. The Hexbug Nano Habitat Set Featuring the Construct System makes a great addition to any child's Hexbug collection, as well as being a great stand-alone playset.

Who It’s For

The Hexbug Nano Habitat Set Featuring the Construct System is for ages 3 and up, but we think older kids are going to get more out of this set. It will also be easier for older kids to use the easy-connect pieces to construct and deconstruct the set.

What to Be Aware of

Two button-cell batteries are included.

The Hexbug Nano Habitat Set Featuring the Construct System is available at Target stores nationwide and online at www.hexbug.com.