The Cat’s Pajamas

from Haywire Group


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What It Is

What It Is

In The Cat's Pajamas game, the cats have put on too many pairs of pajamas and now they are too hot. Be the first player to remove all pajama layers to make your cat cool and comfy in his Nighty Whiteys to win. Each player gets five pajama tops and five pajama bottoms for their cat. Then randomly stack the pajama tops and bottoms on top of the cats. Place the PJ the cat pawn on any space on the game board. Roll the die, and move PJ that many spaces clockwise around the board. Every player then looks at the color and pattern on the space where PJ landed. If any player's topmost pajama top or bottom matches that color or pattern, take it off and put it aside. Once a matching pajama piece has been removed, if the one below also matches by pattern or color, it may be removed, too. Keep removing until there are no more matches. This is for two to four players and takes about 20 minutes to play. The Cat's Pajamas comes with 24 pajama tops and 24 pajama bottoms, a game board, a PJ the cat pawn and stand, and a die.

Why It’s Fun

Preschoolers will think the gameplay of The Cat's Pajamas is silly and fun. Through the play, the game also helps preschoolers with color recognition and matching skills.

It can also help with rudimentary strategy if kids choose to put the pajamas on the stack in a specific order.

Who It’s For

The Cat's Pajamas is for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

It might be difficult for younger children to differentiate between the patterns. At first glance, some of the colored patterns look similar.