Holiday Stuffed Animals

from Aurora


  • Stars & Stripes Raggedy Ann
  • Latte Stuffed Teddy Bear
  • Mocha Stuffed Teddy Bear
  • Pom Pom Chick
  • Lopsie Wopsie Tutu Cute
  • Pigasus
  • Vanilla Latte Bear
  • PomPom Penguin Chilly Valentine
  • Lots of Love Elephant
  • Pom Pom Chick


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    None or Very Easy


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What It Is

What It Is

Kids and families love holiday traditions, and Aurora has a new line of holiday-themed stuffed animals that make great gifts and are likely to become treasured holiday friends. The holiday-themed Fancy Pals called Sweet Delights are candy-shaped pet carriers with removable stuffed animals, available in lime, violet, and red. The Winter Wagner bear assortment features five huggable and bean-filled bears. Each bear is featured wearing warm winter gear. And the new Santa's Village theme for the YooHoo & Friends brand has the YooHoos dressed as Santa, elves, or reindeer.

Why It’s Fun

The new holiday stuffed animals offer something for everyone. From cute and contemporary to classic, these are stuffed animals that kids will enjoy cuddling up with.

Kids like having special things for the holidays and look forward to seeing them again and again as they become holiday traditions.

Who It’s For

The new holiday stuffed animals are all for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

The Fancy Pals Sweet Delights retail for about $13 each.

There are two 18-inch Winter Wagner bears for $30 each and three 12-inch bears for $15 each.

The Santa's Village YooHoo Santa is available in five- and 10-inch sizes. There is also five-inch Chewoo and Pammee characters dressed as elves and a five-inch Roodee dressed with reindeer antlers. The five-inch characters retail for about $9 each and the 10-inch YooHoo Santa is $17.