Bop-It! XT

from Hasbro


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  • Bop-It! XT


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  • 3 AAA batteries required
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What It Is

What It Is

Bop-It! is back with a new version calling the shots—Bop-It! XT. There are three new commands, challenging players to bop it, pull it, twist it, flick it, spin it, and shake it. As with the original, the object is to obey the commands that are called out from the game console to see who among your friends can last the longest or beat your personal high score. The more commands you correctly follow, the faster the commands are called out.

There are four game modes. Solo Game is the classic way to play, where one person follows the commands. The Pass it Game is played the same way only with players passing the Bop-It! XT unit to another player in between commands. Party Mode utilizes players' whole bodies. As a body part is called out, such as an elbow or knee, "bop" the unit on the corresponding body part to successfully complete the round. And One on One divides the game unit into two sides. Each player is responsible for executing two commands as they race to "bop it."

The game also features four levels: novice, expert, master, and pro. As players advance levels, they'll have to remember the sounds and colors associated with the different moves as the corresponding word commands become varied with sounds and colors.

There is also a headphone jack for solo quiet play.

Why It’s Fun

With Bop-It! XT, players have to think quickly and perform the commands as fast as possible. The different games and play levels offers all-new challenges to players based on the number of players and each player's skill.

Who It’s For

Bop-It! XT is for ages 8 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Bop-It! XT comes with three AAA batteries. These are for in-store try-me purposes, and Hasbro recommends replacing with fresh batteries for best results.

The game instructions are stored inside the box, so be careful when opening the package.