Whipple Deluxe Pastry Set

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What It Is

What It Is

Kids can pretend to be pastry chefs with the Whipple Deluxe Pastry Set, a craft kit that lets kids decorate 12 pretend dessert foods using Whipple créme. Whipple créme is a non-edible craft compound with the consistency of icing and comes in an easy-to-squeeze pastry bag that resembles the ones used by the pros. Follow the instructions to learn how to use the Whipple pastry bag to make different swirls and shapes on your desserts. (It may take a few tries to get it right, but that's why there is a practice sheet. Practice making each shape with the créme, then wipe off the sheet, put the créme back in the pastry bag, and try again.) Then you can decorate the desserts with pretend fruit pieces, beads, and gems. After decorating, leave the products in a well-ventilated area without touching the créme. It will take around two days for the créme to dry completely. Once dry, you can attach chains to some of the dessert pieces and wear them on a backpack or belt loop. The set also comes with a ring for kids to decorate and wear and a two-tiered cake that opens up to hold jewelry and other trinkets. The Whipple Deluxe Pastry Set comes with three key rings, a two-layered trinket cake box, 11 desserts, 13 assorted fruits, nine assorted decorations, one white créme-filled bag, one pink créme-filled bag, 11 assorted rhinestones, eight assorted beads, a lesson sheet, nine pearls, and a créme dome.

Why It’s Fun

With the Whipple Deluxe Pastry Set, kids can use their imaginations to make and collect various plastic desserts. This is a great way for kids to emulate the bakers they see on TV or at home. Kids will enjoy making their own original treats that they can wear, share, or give to a friend.

Who It’s For

The Whipple Deluxe Pastry Set is for ages 7 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Parents may need to help kids attach the ball chain to the dessert pieces. It's difficult to close the ball chain.

Use the prepared créme as soon as possible, otherwise it may harden. The amount of créme in the bag is enough to make the products included in the package. Be careful not to practice too much or squeeze the créme too differently from the instructions or you may not have enough créme. After practicing on the practice sheet, if you want to salvage the créme and re-use it, you can try to carefully wipe it from the sheet back into the pastry bag before it dries.

The Whipple pastry bags can be reused with additional Whipple créme, which is sold separately.

Make sure to cover your workspace with a piece of fabric or a large sheet of paper that may be thrown away after use. This is to prevent soiling the workspace.

Whipple créme is not food. Do not eat it.

Be sure to wash your hands with soap after use.