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What It Is

What It Is

The Tag Reading System lets children bring books to life and add new dimensions of engagement and entertainment to reading. The Tag Solar System Adventure Pack is an interactive two-sided map that works with the Tag Reader device, which is sold separately. You can connect the Tag to the computer to download the audio content for the map into the device. Open up the three-foot-long map, and virtually any spot a child touches on the map with the Tag Reader will activate more than 40 different built-in activities with age-appropriate information and exploration. The set also comes with Passport to the Planets, an interactive sticker book. The map has two levels of content so older kids will be as engaged and challenged as younger kids. As with all products in the Tag Reading System, the Solar System Adventure Pack has a great deal of content that will keep kids engaged and exploring.

Why It’s Fun

This is an age-appropriate way to introduce young kids to the science of the solar system. What we like about the Solar System Adventure Pack is that the map shows the planets in proportionate size and distance, which helps kids envision the solar system. It also helps them understand and contextualize the science for something they cannot easily observe. Interacting with the stickers and the Tag Reader in the Passport to the Planets sticker book helps reinforce the learning as kids are engaged. Even as adults, we were intrigued by the information and the games, so parents may enjoy playing with this with their kids.

Who It’s For

The Tag Solar System Adventure Pack is for ages 4—8.

What to Be Aware of

If you don't already own a Tag Reader, you can purchase one for about $49.99.